Cat and Dog Microchipping

Does your pet need microchipping? People often see their cat or dog as a family member, so when it goes missing it can be extremely stressful, especially as there’s often little way for someone who finds the animal to return it to its rightful owner. Having your pet microchipped can increase your chances of having your pet returned to you, should it ever go missing. Eden Park Veterinary Surgery provides a wide range of veterinary services, so make sure that you get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Register with a Vet Today

Have you recently got a new pet? It’s a fun and exciting time for everyone in the family, but it’s essential that you get your pet registered with a vet. Vets are not just there for when things go wrong, they are there for you to check on the general health of your animal and help when you have any queries. Eden Park Veterinary Surgery is open 6 days a week and offers a 24 hour emergency service, so your pet is always in excellent hands.

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